About Us

The GOD OF GYM Store was launched in early 2017 to pay homage to our love of "Shape of you", and to point the importance of sport and to treat our bodies right.

Our product range covers all the needs of GODS & GODDESS of Gym for their work out. We work hard to provide the best quality products with the lowest prices possible.

We are incredibly proud to tell you that we're the "God Of Gym".
Inspired by the physical transformations seen in a couple of friends that changed their social status from insecure in their bodies to full of confidence and energy, we created The God of Gym store. We know how important is to have the right items, so we thought about combining clothes and accessories with both Quality and Price and offer them to you on our website...GodOfGym.com

We invite you to have a look at our latest collections to find all you need in order to make your shape perfect by clicking HERE!

P.S. We are based in Europe and at this time we maintain the online store only.